When manufacturing our products, we pay close attention to the prescribed quality of the part according to the specified standards and the tolerances stated in the drawings, or to the customer’s requirements. We adhere to standard principles of METROLOGY and regularly inspect and calibrate our measuring gauges.

We also offer our customers customised measurement of parts using a 3D coordinate machine, roughness meter, etc. A measurement report is issued with the values measured.

Our calibration and measuring centre possesses the equipment necessary for the following types of measurement:
  • Measurements conducted with manually operated instruments (height gauges, depth gauges, callipers, micrometers, internal gauges, feeler gauges, bit gauges, etc.)
  • Measurements of roughness (DIAVITE roughness meter)
  • Measurement of profiles, rounding, chamfering… (optical camera, ABERLINK measuring machine + microscope)
  • More complicated measurement of position, pitch, etc. (ABERLINK 3D coordinate measuring machine)