We also offer 3D printing to our customers. Our plant features different types of 3D printing, and a digitised workplace for 3D scanning to meet our customers’ requirements is nearing its completion.

3D printing is used in a wide range of fields, such as industrial design, the automotive industry, science and research, education, prototyping and, of course, in everyday life...

Do you need a prototype of a part or entire assembly, a mould, a mould for a casting, a design piece, a presentation item, or anything else? Contact us or fill in the enquiry form HERE.

Print type:
  • FDM
  • SLA
Print size:
  • dia. 250 (X,Y-axes) × 300 (Z-axis) mm (FDM technology)
  • 145 (X-axis) × 145 (Y-axis) × 175 (Z-axis) mm (SLA technology)
Printing accuracy:
  • from 0.05 mm (FDM technology)
  • from 0.014 mm (SLA technology)
Materials used:
  • PLA, ABS, HIPS, ASA, PET, nylon, polycarbonate, flexible materials, filled materials and strong abrasive filaments (FDM technology)
  • Methacrylate photopolymer, standard high resolution, extra-durable, flexible, fusible (SLA technology)
  • max. material temperature 400 °C
Colour options:
  • See “Files for download” below
Input data format:
  • *.STL, gcode, any standard slicer
  • If the data is unavailable in any of the above formats, we are able to convert and edit data from other formats.