We use state-of-the-art technology for deburring, edge rounding and polishing workpieces.

Depending on our capacity, this service is also offered via external cooperation. 
Do you need to have your products deburred or polished or have their edges rounded? We will be happy to help.

Basic parameters of tumbling:

The quality of each surface is determined by the correct process medium in conjunction with the equipment being used. The selection of the correct process medium is made on a workpiece-by-workpiece basis. In wet machining, a mixture of water and a compound is mostly used. This mixture serves to trap and remove the abrasive material and abraded workpiece. This will maintain the highest possible tumbling effect.
Our tumbling capacity depends on the size of the workpiece but does not exceed 0.3 kg/pc.
Choosing the right tumbling equipment, tumbling material and machining tools is of the utmost importance for optimum finishing.

The most important determining parameters are:

  • the quality, shape and size of the abrasive materials
  • the type of construction, volume and design of the tumbling equipment
  • the design, material and weight of the workpiece
  • the possibility of separation of the tumbling and polishing operation

For more information about abrasive materials, see ”Files for download”.